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These 3 Tips Can Land You a Modeling Agent

If you're looking to become a model, or take your current modeling career onto the next level, landing a modeling agency is a very important piece to complete the puzzle. If you're just starting out as a beginner model, there are many alternative routes you can take to get started without the help of an agency. However, if you're looking to start landing major campaigns, a modeling agency contract is the ultimate objective for some to reach that goal. These 3 tips can help you land a modeling agent.

Start Networking

Networking is very important in the entertainment industry. If you ask any established model or actor, they will tell you attending network events, workshops, and seminars takes up most of their time. It is very important as a beginner to network with not only other models, but also with local players in your market. If you aren't located in a major market like New York, Miami or Los Angeles, it is best to seek out events in the next Major market. An example would be if you live on the outskirts of Massachusetts, you'd want to find a modeling agency that's located in Boston. You can find workshops and networking events on sites like EventBright and MeetUp, which allows others with similar interest and hobbies to connect with one another. Many beginner models are unsure how to connect with agencies besides just submitting their pictures on the website. Attending model boot camps as well as virtual online auditions can also provide exposure and networking.

Build a Portfolio

Regardless of whether you're an established model or a beginner you need materials to work with. No modeling agency can effectively market you without a modeling portfolio. One of the benefits with working with a major modeling agency is that they have the resources to be able to front some development cost for their top tier models. Unless you have the exact specifications such as size and look requirement of what the modeling agency is seeking out, you will be left to your own to create a modeling portfolio. Many beginners are under the impression that to become a model will cost you nothing in the beginning. That is completely wrong. Every model whether just starting out or not have to cover their own marketing costs. While it is not advisable for models to spend thousands of dollars on photography, as modeling portfolio pictures have to be updated very frequently, sometimes even as often as twice or three times per year, working with new and upcoming photographers can be very cost-effective for those that don't have a big budget on getting a portfolio. A strong portfolio can make a huge difference in whether or not you could sign to an agency.

Get Help from Professionals

Starting out to become a model alone is very difficult and time consuming. If you're just beginning, working with the help of a professional service or platform can make all the difference in being taken seriously by a modeling agency or not. There are a variety of platforms online that allow talent starting out to access projects. While not all casting sites are the same, Latitude Talent Studios is an excellent resource for new models and actors that are looking to connect with modeling agencies as well as casting opportunities they may match based upon their look, experience and location. Latitude isn't an agency, so you are able to freelance as new model as well as connect with opportunities you may not find on your own.

With these 3 tips, you can be on your way to signing with a modeling agency you feel is right for you.

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