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7 Latitude Talent Reviews (Read)

Thinking about getting started with Latitude Talent? Read 7 reviews before getting started.

Want to get started as a model or actor? Latitude is the best casting platform for new talents. They are not an agency or photographer, so you can freelance while seeking castings on their platform. Here are 15 reviews about Latitude Talent Studios.

Great Experience. If you don’t have any modeling experience and looking to start, make sure you consider Latitude Talent Studios! - Kulture Boys

They were very helpful in getting me the information I needed and were very nice to me. - Nina M.

I enjoyed the evaluation process with Latitude very much. I was greeted by friendly team members and it was readily apparent that the team genuinely wants to support new models getting started. They post helpful pointers on social media, and they mentioned that education is an important part of their process. - Melissa M.

Everyone is super friendly and down to earth! I’m glad this was the company I invested in to start my modeling career - Irais G.

I really enjoyed how great they were with getting me started in modeling and how reliable they were. I can't wait to continue my modeling with them! Everyone is very nice and welcoming. - Grace D.

Since the moment I clicked on you in google I had good vibe really good feeling about you. Honestly I am new in this field but way you treated me made me feel at home and more confidence myself.I willing to learn more and and I know I got your back thank you for your support, Blessings 🙏 - Yudelka S.

I just joined Latitude & already feel the potential of their platform. I have a free photoshoot setup to enhance my Comp Card & I've already applied to several casting calls. Thank you Latitude for the opportunity. - Renard P.

Are you ready?

If your goal is to get connect to castings, modeling agencies and get support from a team, Latitude is the way to start. Join here now.

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