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How do I break into Modeling in New York?

Are you trying to become a model in New York? If so, you're in luck. NYC is home to hundreds of top modeling agencies. Here are 7 ways to break into modeling.

The modeling industry is known for its glamorous image of traveling around the world, walking high fashion runway shows, attending photo shoots and networking with celebrities. While that is a small part of the business for a very select few, breaking into the modeling industry is a lot more difficult and less glamorous than it appears. Here are 7 ways to get started and become a model in New York.

1. Network

One of the most important facets of breaking into the modeling industry is to network with other models. While attending open casting calls prior to the pandemic was common, many casting calls are online through platforms like zoom. That makes networking and meeting other models as a beginner, a bit more difficult. If you are not located in a big city like New York, finding networking events for models can be a bit difficult. There are great online modeling schools that can help you not work.

2. Build a Book

When you tell a model to build a book, only a beginner will question what that is! A book, also known as a portfolio, it's a collection of photographs to showcase your versatility as a model. Unfortunately, many new and aspiring models fall victim to spending thousands of dollars on photography. You can complete headshots and portfolios by working with studios for a few hundred dollars. If you are unable to invest in photography as a beginner, you can try to network with local photographers at community colleges and universities in your area. They may be willing to offer their services for your time.

3. Be open to travel

While NYC is home to hundreds of top modeling agencies. They are select with the new models that they scout and bring to their roster. If you find that you're applying to modeling agencies in New York and are unable to find success, it could be that New York is simply not your market. Be open to travel to different locations. Philadelphia is a smaller market for models, however, can be beneficial for those with a commercial luck. Also, if you are a model located in NYC you should be open to traveling to other locations as if you are booked for a casting call or gig, it may take place outside of the city.

4. Invest

Many aspiring models are under the incorrect assumption that becoming a model is free. It is not. The true reality is that model expenses include the purchase of composite cards, headshots, and more while some modeling agencies in the past may have advanced those to the models that they sign, that is not to come in nowadays. If you were not willing to invest as a model, you shouldn't get started until you are.

5. Get Training

While modeling schools are not a requirement to become a model, they can help you get a foot in the door by educating you on the industry. While some modeling cources are better than others, there has been an increase of online modeling schools. Research the ones that have instructors with real knowledge. Model Boot Camp is a great one to start with by Latitude.

6. Find Casting Calls

Finding casting calls or auditions, is the most important factor in becoming a model not just in New York, but in any location. If you are trying to connect with castings, you can search online free, casting calls and see what comes up. The reality is that many Casting platforms worth your time are going to charge a subscription to access. That is completely normal. is a good website for those looking to access casting calls.

7. Get Guidance from a Professional

There are high-rated platforms, such as Latitude Talent Studios, which allows new models access to casting calls, modeling agencies, and more can help you break into the modeling industry. Start your modeling journey by applying here.


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