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Best Social Media for Models: Instagram, Facebook, Reddit or Twitter?

Best Social Media Outlets for Models: Instagram, Facebook, Reddit or Twitter? Here's the Latitude Talent Breakdown and Truth on What Works and What Doesn't

Social media is so, so important for a new model these days. Why? Because getting exposure is important to connect with the brands that are hiring the models and actors. Many models think that applying to an agency is enough but the truth is, it isn't even close. Social Media websites such as Reddit, Instagram and Facebook are for content creators however some are really better than others when it comes to connecting with model scouts or website scouts.

Here are some reviews of the best sites to start out with:


Instagram is a great website if you want to get exposure as a model. Why? Because photographs are what sells you. Professional photographs are best, but not always required.


Facebook is some what of an older website to use for models and actors however you can add writing to your photographs. Many big legit agents use facebook to show off their brand.


Great to use for photographs, not so much for connecting with modeling agencies. Stick with Instagram, they can be the best use of your time and money, especially if you are sponsoring posts.

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