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Latitude Talent Review: Real Talent Speak

Thinking about starting as model or actor? Latitude Talent Studios is the best place to start out with. Here are some recent reviews from actual members of the platform.

Jonathan K. New York:

"I just met with Latitude Talent Studios, and when I say I feel heard, I mean it. They aren't watered down or acting like big shots despite the big city of New York, but still provide you with wonderful opportunities to start your career as a model! If modeling is my path and I look back on life, I know I am going to be glad I started with Latitude Talent. If you are someone that doesn't know what to do in the beginning of this journey and you are reading this. I highly recommend you start here!"

Emmanuel B. New York:

"It was a wonderful experience, very nice staff. I was nervous when meeting with the staff, but it turned out I wrong to be nervous but it was friendly environment. I definitely learned that the modeling profession has changed."

Lakeisha R. New York:

"Awesome experience❤️ I felt welcomed and the communication with the staff was great and the wait wasn’t long this is just the beginning for me I’m sooo happy I came back to try my career out with latitude fingers crossed and best of luck to everyone who applied at latitude studios💕 I will definitely be referring a few people "

What is Latitude Talent?

Latitude is a subscription based platform for models and actors seeking casting calls and agency access. It is the best place for models and actors to start out with. Latitude isn't an agency, so they work with those just starting out. Latitude is not a photography studio, they provide free photo shoots for their members.

Read More about Latitude Talent Here.


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