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Best Modeling Agencies for Non-Binary Models

There are many modeling agencies, but a few stand out in the non-binary model market. These agencies like MC2 Model Management, Entourage, Condra Artista, and Slay Management. Which one is the best? Find out below! And if you can't decide between these agencies, consider contacting all of them! Then, you can work with one or all of them!

MC2 Model Management

MC2 is a model management agency founded in October 2005. It has offices in New York, Miami, and Tel Aviv. Some of their models have appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire, as well as in a number of other international publications. In addition to being well-known in the industry, MC2 has an excellent reputation for handling non-binary models.


There are several notable modeling agencies in the Los Angeles area. Dragonfly Agency has an office in Dallas and another in Los Angeles, and focuses on career management for top talent. First Models specializes in fashion models in the southwest, and it accepts submissions online. Neal Hamil Agency's talent ranges from models who have graced the runways of top designers to non-binary models who have graced the commercials of major chains.

Entourage was founded in 1988 and is based in Texas. It has a Los Angeles branch and is expanding its talent to accommodate the demand. Although Entourage does not accept models with previous acting experience, it does require that you have some acting potential. Its talent has worked in films and print ads for companies like Pepsi and Buick. The agency's policies also prohibit nudity. The agency welcomes male and female talent, ages 18 and up, and all ethnicities.

Entourage has one of the best casting records among modeling agencies for non-binary models. It has a list of casting calls, but this doesn't guarantee any work. Instead, the more casting calls you attend, the greater your chances of landing a role. Be sure to accept any extra roles, as well. These roles aren't guaranteed, but they can improve your chances.

While Entourage is known for helping non-binary models break into the modeling industry, the agency is also dedicated to helping transgender models become the best models possible. Since it is committed to providing its models with the best possible services, it has trained several kids and young adults to become successful models. A recent television show, Strut, has highlighted the work of transgender models.

Condra Artista

If you're a non-binary model, you're in luck! Condra Artista represents non-binary models in Texas, the Southwest, and New York. If you're interested in breaking into the fashion industry, this agency is an excellent choice for you. In addition to representing models, this agency also represents influencers, creative artists, and other diverse individuals. Models can submit their portfolios online, or by mail. Each modeling agency has their own specific requirements, so you'll have to choose the one that best suits you.

If you're a non-binary model, you should consider getting signed up with an agency that caters to the specific needs of non-binary people. Many of these agencies specialize in casting non-binary models. Condra Artista specializes in scouting for non-binary models. In addition to non-binary models, they also represent influencers and alternative models. If you're looking for representation in fashion, Condra Artista is a great choice.

Slay Management

Slay Management is a new transgender-exclusive agency that will launch their world-wide model search on February 15, 2020, in Los Angeles. The agency was founded by Cecilio Asuncion, a gay Filipino who had previously run Apple Model Management. During his time in Thailand, Asuncion had directed a documentary about transgender issues. At the time, Asuncion was looking for a new direction and wanted to work with top modeling agencies.

When Mariah Dawson decided to launch her own agency, she wanted to create an atmosphere of collaboration and respect for the models. She also wanted to ensure that the models' measurements and pronouns were correct. This ethos still stands, and Slay Management has been successful in landing top jobs for its clients. The agency has a global presence, and is currently representing more than 1,000 models.

Slay Management also represents alternative and disabled talent. The agency has seen success in working with luxury brands, and recently featured a model with Down's syndrome in its Gucci Beauty campaign. Ellie Goldstein is the company's breakout star, having a photo shoot with disabled photographer David PD Hyde. The agency's success has fueled many models with modeling careers and has made the company an increasingly sought-after choice for those with a disability.

Another agency that represents a wide range of different types of models is 10MGMT. This LA-based agency is a SAG-AFTRA franchised model agency. They accept online submissions, but they require some specific criteria. The agency also represents a wide range of models in various categories, including fit, teens, and real families. In addition to accepting models through email, Slay Management also holds open calls and accepts submissions through the mail.

IMG Models

While there are many agencies for transgender women, IMG Models are a great option for non-binary women seeking representation. The agency has a broad roster of models, from aspiring actors to established fashion icons. The non-binary model roster is an important part of IMG's success, and the agency's diverse roster of models and clients makes it the best choice for a model looking for representation.

While many models are eager to prove their diversity in the fashion industry, it's particularly important for non-binary models to find representation at top modeling agencies. While many agencies are increasingly welcoming to models of all genders, there are still a number of differences. One of the main differences is the focus on a particular niche within the modeling industry. The best modeling agencies will not only represent a diverse group of models, but also emphasize diversity and empathy in the fashion industry.

Lastly, if you're looking for a larger agency that caters to transgender and gender-fluid models, consider IMG. IMG does have some hard requirements but they do represent transgender models, including Andrej Pejic, and is the most popular agency for transgender models. For non-binary models, IMG represents Candice Huffine, Ashley Graham, and a number of other top models.


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